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Slate Mill Wine Collective

At 1851, we believe in working hard and playing hard. is about taking a moment and enjoying life when the work is done with a glass of wine. signifies when in 1851 a German immigrant took a chance and moved to what we affectionately call the farm and built some stone buildings and a mill (without general contractors, DIY channels, or Google)  by the Live Oak Creek and started a company called Pioneer Flour Mills, all of which are still here over a century later.  It signifies two educators who, in "retirement",  decided to start a new family venture on that same property by planting some vines that resulted in the winery called 1851 Vineyards that we all know and love. was actually started by the 1851 family when they started sending us pictures where they were enjoying life and thinking of 1851 Vineyards in some way. We love when people share that moment with us by showing us when and where they enjoyed some wine or displayed their 1851 gear. Thanks so much for being part of the 1851 family. Cheers!


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